The most powerful weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.

Why my Stress-Compass & Cocktail?

The Stress-Compass

originates from the positive psychology. This imaginary compass consists of a mixture of therapies; the C.B.T (cognitive behavior therapy), the R.E.B.T (rational emotive behavior therapy) and the ACT (acceptance and commiment therapy. The provocative and stress reversal coaching methods such as CSR are highly recommended for e.g burn-out or other stress related situations. The compass needle will help you find the right direction in the jungle of therapy and coaching possibilities.

Recently I also implemented the highly recommended and recognized CSR (stress reversal) method. It's very successful for stress-related complaints. Employers find it more than satisfactory for employees who struggle with competence skills or to prevent drop-out or burn-out. 

The whole idea behind the StressCompass is to untangle ineffective thoughts and to make it easier for you to prioritise them and create an effective assertiveness. The metaphor compass was chosen to present an imaginary needle which will give you direction and create a bridge between your thoughts and the objectives you wish to achieve. By making this your own it allows you to interpret the world around you differently; after all solutions are not based on negative events you see but on how you choose to look at them!

"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another."

The Stress-Cocktail

Originates from the provocative therapy. An imaginary cocktail consisting of 3 main ingredients; humour, warmth and challenge. Humour makes it easier to deal with ones sorrow. Provocation makes it easier to talk about ones essential problem and warmth contributes to our equivalence. It will surprise you how quickly you will discover the secret ingredients of this “cocktail”; The culprit is not the stress but how you choose to deal with it.

The recovery process

If you want to see the rainbow you must accept the rain. Acceptance, commitment and your self-reliance are life savers! You are a lot stronger than you think you are! 

With simple cognitive exercises you can learn how to apply beneficial techniques. In the beginning we practice them together because people who are “overloaded” tend to have concentration problems and easily feel off track. Once recovery has set in and your resilience, vitality and time management are regained it is easier to make the switch to video calling, known as a follow-up. Eventually it all becomes a habit for you. With warmth, humour and challenge the imaginary traffic lights in your mind becomes easier to operate. After all red, green or amber is a choice. Through the compass the cocktail ingredients go to work. You will be able to hit the brakes on time and accelerate smoothly. It’s a matter of your mindset. I hope you will choose for yourself and realise that you are worth it. I will help you with these techniques to find the core problem and to fine tune it, which enables you to be in control again.


Who suits my Compass & Cocktail method?

For those who no longer feel comfortable in the traditional psychological programmes where diagnoses and stifled methods are used, will find an open door. 

I am not a strategic therapist who will ‘hold on to you” longer than necessary. If it becomes clear that after 1 or 2 sessions you have already found your direction then that is great! If necessary a follow up can always take place whenever you have a question or feel the threat of becoming “stuck” again.

My methods are suitable for all those who want to move forward. For everyone who experiences obstacles on a personal, business or relational level. For instance: burn-out, bore-out, eating addictions, loneliness, social isolation, mourning, obsessive thought patterns and depression, relational/marriage struggles or overwhelming feelings of anger or guilt.

Do you want to start taking action?

Do you find it difficult to make the first step to a psychologist or therapist? For this I offer online sessions through video calling. This gives you the opportunity to do everything at your own pace and in the comfort of your own environment. We can make our first introduction by means of online video calling, a telephone call or face-to-face in my private practice.