Who is Elizabeth?

The story behind the emergence of the Compass & Cocktail

Humour and openness give me energy and influence my creativity. When I was searching for a creative name to describe the methods I work with on the website I immediately thought of the metaphor “compass” and “cocktail”. This idea spontaneously popped into my mind when I let my thoughts drift back to my aviation days and all the lovely, sad and hilarious moments I had experienced. Also the uncountable interactions I experienced with so many different people all over the world. Believe me when I say that a compass and a cocktail are both equally important when travelling! By choosing the metaphor “cocktail” I definitely did not want to make an association with alcohol. On the contrary. With a cocktail I aimed for a creative composition of relaxation through humour, warmth and challenge. A smile creates the shortest distance between two people, “warmth” brings in equality and “challenge” stimulates you to think differently. 

The imaginary compass in your head speaks for itself, you always need it to choose the right direction.

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