If you want to see the rainbow you'll have to accept the rain

Who is Elizabeth?

My name is Elizabeth Wind, 62. I know by now that life can be sparkling and sweet but also stormy and bitter. Happiness is simply not something which we are entitled to. In my experience in order to be happy you must be willing to occasionally take action. My background is Social Psychology and Therapeutic Coaching. For the latter I completed the courses N.L.P. ( Neuro Linguistic Programming), R.E.B.T. (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) and the education as Provocative Coach (I.E.P Institute for Eclective Pyschology) 

Recently I completed the course C.S.R Coach (Centrum for Stress Reversal) which is also a holistic and psycho-biological method and therefore fits nicely within my current therapy options. All applied therapies in my practice are based on a integral vision and belief that our body, mind and behavior are always entangled with eachother and therefore the fundamental pillars of success and recovery. 

Er zijn meerdere manieren om een probleem aan te pakken. De kracht zit in persoonlijke maatwerk; een combinatie van therapie en coachen die bij iemand past. 

Life is often understood looking backwards,
but we must live it forward.

I can best describe myself as an extrovert and outgoing person with a strong need to support others who are stuck in unpleasant situations. Some of my character traits can certainly be described as no-nonsense and direct, always topped with a strong sense of justice and humour. 

I put things into perspective quite easily because of the ability to filter the hidden details from the obvious. This makes it easier to find the core problem of and therefore can result in helping my clients adequately. I have worked in the airline business for over 35 years on a part-time basis which enabled me to also work as a therapist, in particular with my colleagues at the airline. As a young student the only thing I really wanted to do is to explore the world. After completing high school I applied for a job as a flight attendant for the summer months only and they actually hired me! By flying for a major airline and travelling part-time all over the globe, I could not only explore and feed my inquisitive and curious side but also could complete my psychology studies. I also had time during my travels to study my second passion, the psyche of humans and their culture. What started off as a summer job, to have a study break, became “ a way of life” for over 35 years. These privileges and knowledge of people, by far have moulded me into the person I am today.

Do you want to start taking action?

Do you find it difficult to make the first step to a psychologist or therapist? For this I offer online sessions through video calling. This gives you the opportunity to do everything at your own pace and in the comfort of your own environment. We can make our first introduction by means of online video calling, a telephone call or face-to-face in my private practice.